Raising the roof in Carrollton

In January of 2014 BTC Bank opened a cozy storefront location as an introduction to the Carrollton community. The hopes of securing a lot for a permanent location became a reality in September when BTC Bank purchased an empty lot in a prime location along 65 highway.

Once all the details were finalized, we broke ground for our new permanent location on September 8th.

10-10Update: We’ve experienced a few common delays due to Mother Nature, but otherwise progress is looking good. The lot was skimmed clean, trenches ran, and the basement dug in short order. The basement floor and concrete forms for the basement walls were in place as of the beginning of October.

10-29 Update: A lot happens over the course of a month with Copeland Development & Construction Co.! It’s the end of October and the water, sewer, and electricity are in. The storm drain is completed and the phone conduits are in place. The under-slab plumbing and support system for the upper floors are installed and the floors for the main level are also scheduled to be poured the first week of November.

11-4 Update: Our basement is framed in and the walkout is almost done. The supports and the main floor decking are now holding up our new main level concrete floor. The site will be re-graded and gravel smoothed to accommodate the pavement that will soon lay a top it. Rough electrical is being run in the basement and the framing of the exterior main level walls will begin next week. Things are really coming along.

11-19 Update: Wow, things are changing fast! The staking and final grading layout is done. Framing of the exterior and interior walls on both levels is underway and some of the exterior wall base sheeting is in place. Electrical panels are installed in the mechanical room and rough electrical is in place in the basement. The roof trusses and plywood roof sheathing are being set, as are the windows and doors of both levels. Things are coming along great and the bank is really starting to take shape.

11-26 Update: It is exciting to see our new bank coming together. We have been blessed with weather that has allowed the contract team to continue working most days. The framing on all exterior walls is complete and the drive thru canopy trusses and sheathing has also been completed. Items in progress this week include; framing of the interior walls and installing the windows and doors on each level. The front entry canopy trusses and sheathing will be completed along with the sub-fascia and roof sheathing through-out the building. Next week they hope to get to the rough-in of the plumbing and HVAC on both levels.

12-3 Update:  The exterior windows and doors for each level are installed, making it a little less breezy for working inside.  Crews are working on the interior wall framing for both levels and have completed the staircase to the lower level.   They are working on the water and ice shields in the valleys and felt paper is being applied throughout the roof and drive-up canopy. The rough in of HVAC and Plumbing are also planned for this week. Things are really progressing along nicely,  our only concern is the weather this time of year.  How long will the dry weather hold out? A white Christmas is nice, but not for construction!

12-24 Update:  The rain has slowed things down some, but work continues.  The fascia and soffits have been completed.  Both levels and the attic areas are insulated and drywall is being hung on the main level.  The night drop has been installed and some interior doors are hung.  Concrete paving on the South side of the driveway and parking areas were poured this week and will be finished, weather permitting, along with the roofing and ridge caps next week.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, we will bring you more updates after the holidays!

01-07 Update:  Wow, it is hard to believe that 2015 has arrived!  The end of 2014 and the beginning of the new year was accompanied by extremely cold temperatures and high winds.  The inclement weather has delayed finishing the North side of the parking lot and drive way, but with the addition of plastic tenting and commerical heaters, the work inside has continued.  Insulation and drywall have been installed on both levels and the taping, finishing and sanding of the drywall is underway.  It is all coming together nicely and the interior layout looks great.  Our main focus for the upcoming week depends a lot on how Mother Nature behaves.  If our weather forecast stays true, we hope to finish the concrete paving on the driveways and parking lots, apply the EIFS finish on the exterior walls, and apply the roofing ridge caps in the next week or so.  Please stay tuned for more updates and it wouldn’t hurt to cross your fingers for good weather and sunny skies!

01-15 Update:   This week the finish work on the drywall was completed and all interior doors and frames have been installed.  The closer to average temperatures have allowed the exterior work to pick back up, including finishing the last bit of work on the fascia and soffits, and applying the EIFS finish on the exterior of the building and the cupola. Currently, the installation of the base trim, crown, wainscot, door and window casing on both levels is underway.  The weather outlook is continuing to look good in our area, so if it holds true, we will paint the interior of the cupola this week and set it into place on the roof.  We also hope to complete the concrete paving on the driveways and parking areas ao that we can get start to bore holes for the parking light base poles.

01-21 Update:  Mother Nature was good to us this past week!  With the continuing sunshine and warmer weather we were able to pour and set the North side of the parking lot and driveway areas.  They were also able to finish the last bit of fascia and soffit work.  The inside of the cupola got a fresh coat of paint and has been attached to the roof.  Trim work is finished on the main level and the crew is currently working to finish the staining and installation of all oak trim and casing on the lower level.  The primer and a first coat of paint for all interior walls will be applied this week, as well as the installation of the drive-thru window.   If it continues to stay dry, the grounds will get a final grade of the dirt, a hitching rail will be installed, and they will apply the petro mat and gravel. They will also bore the holes for the the parking lot light pole base piers. It sounds like a busy week for the crew, but things are coming together nicely and Copeland Development and Construction is doing a great job.

February has been a busy month for the Copeland team.  The parking lots and drive ways have been completed along with all the grading work.  The light poles and parking lot stripes were applied, the flag poles went up and the exterior finishes were all completed as promised.  Inside the building has transformed this month.  Next came all the electricity and HVAC inside and the completion of the trim installation.   The installation of the flooring and all the custom cabinetry has us feeling excited about the finished product. The final touches and decor will be completed this week and our first day of business at the new location will be Monday March 9th.

03-09 Update:  Building a new bank is always an eventful process and things were no different this time. Mother Nature never quite complies like one would wish, and supplies don’t always ship when expected, but in the end, everything turns out great! We would like to thank everyone that worked on this project. The team from Copeland Development and Construction that built our bank were nothing but absolute professionals and a joy to be around. We used many local service providers in the building of this location and found all of them to provide satisfactory service or above. We appreciate the patience the citizens of Carrollton and all commuters have shown us as we worked through this project. What started out a dream one year ago has officially become a reality. The BTC Bank of Carrollton opened for business today; Monday March 9th. We will have a ribbon cutting with the Carrollton Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday March 11th at 2:00pm. We are excited to be a part of the Carrollton Community and encourage everyone to stop in and see the new facility and talk with our BTC Bank Team.


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