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BTC Bank

Farm Management

At BTC Bank, we have been meeting the financial needs of our farmers in Missouri and Iowa for over 100 years, and many of our team members are farmers themselves. We know first-hand the hard work and attention to detail required to run a successful operation. We also know that managing the day-to-day operations isn't for everyone.

We offer professional farm and land management services to help you navigate the different challenges and opportunities that come with being a landowner. Our hands-on management style means you won't have to worry about the day-to-day, and you can have peace of mind knowing our team is supported by experts in tax, estate planning and business management.

Expert Farm and Land Management For You

Are you looking for a way to carry on your lasting legacy, or do you anticipate inheriting land from a loved one? Maybe you are interested in investing in farmland without being directly involved and looking for an expert to work with you throughout the process. No matter what you're looking for, we know your situation is unique. That's why our team of farm management experts cater their services to meet your needs.

For Retirees
You've spent years working from before sunup past sun down, and it's time for you to enjoy your retirement. Our reliable, hands-on team ensures you can enjoy your well-deserved time off while still continuing on the successful operation you've carefully built. Our experts handle the details so you can remain as involved in, and knowledgeable about, your operation as you want to be.

For Those Inheriting Land
Inheriting land and continuing your family's legacy is a great honor and opportunity with a unique challenge. We know you want to do best by your loved one, and the land, and we're here to help. Whether you are knowledgeable about the agriculture industry or just getting started, we'll here to answer your questions and help you navigate the journey every step of the way.

For Land Investors
If you're looking to invest in farmland and the local communities surrounding it, our expert farm and land management team will help you reach your goals. We handle all of the day-to-day operations and details while maintaining consistent and honest communication with you. We'll combine our expertise with your vision so you can focus on profitability and sustainability for years to come.

Professional Farm Management Services Offered

BTC Bank offers a variety of professional farm management services to guide your operation to success.

Cash Rent or Share-Crop Tenant

Our experts at BTC Bank are well-versed in various leasing options, including cash rent and share-crop tenant arrangements. We're committed to guiding both parties through understanding and finalizing the agreements that best serve their mutual interests.

Custom Farming

Through the use of contracted custom farming services, landowners can retain the level of control they desire and receive 100% of the net income from their farming operations without the day-to-day demands of active farming.

Grain Marketing

We can provide the latest insights on market tools available to provide selling strategies to seek optimal prices for your grain. We can also provide monitoring to ensure the grain remains in prime condition throughout its storage.

Inputs Purchasing

We guide landowners in sourcing quality supplies at competitive prices, ensuring your farm operations are optimally supported while emphasizing logistical management for maximum operational efficiency.

FSA Paperwork Assistance

We handle the day-to-day details, including expert navigation of Farm Service Agency documentation to maximize landowner advantages. We offer program guidance, serve as your local office liaison and provide continuous compliance support.

Meet Chris Hoffman

Photo of Chris
Chris Hoffman graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in Agronomy. He worked for 40 years in the family agribusiness, Hoffman and Reed Inc. where he advised farmers about all aspects of their farming operation. In 1993, he obtained his CCA Certified Crop Advisor license which he still maintains today.  Chris has farmed with his brother since 1976 and has managed the Family Farming corporation since 1986. Chris has spent his whole life on the farm, and looks forward to working with other local farmers. 

Get to know Chris by giving him call at 660-339-7477 and learn how he can be of service to you. 

Meet Johnathan Meyer

Johnathan Meyer Johnathan L. Meyer received a Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude in Accounting from Northwest Missouri State University and a Juris Doctor in Law (J.D.) and Masters of Law in Taxation (LLM) from the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law. Johnathan has over 25 years of experience in estate planning and administration, probate, trust drafting and administration, business formation, and tax planning and filing.  Having worked in major metropolitan areas, while being born and raised on a farm in Northwest Missouri, Johnathan is in the unique position of having complex practical experience with an appreciation of small-town/rural community living.

Get to know Johnathan by giving him a call at 641-784-7300 and learn how he can be of service to you. 

Meet Kevin Lloyd

Kevin Lloyd graduated from Graceland University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science while working on a large 17,000-acre ranch and helping his parents with the farming operation he grew up on. Immediately after graduation, he began his career with a local bank in Lamoni, Iowa as a Commercial/Ag Lender. Since those early days, Kevin’s passion for and experience in agriculture have continued to grow. He recently received his Farm Management Certification from Des Moines Area Community College. Kevin is well ware of the successes, struggles and planning that it takes to keep a family farm going. He looks forward to combining his passion and experience to make a difference in the lives of the many farm families and farm owners across Missouri and Southern Iowa.

Get to know Kevin by giving him a call at 641-784-7300 and learn how he can be of service to you. 

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Download the BTC Trust and Asset Management Planning Guide

The BTC Trust & Asset Management Planning Guide is a valuable tool to be used in tandem with your estate planning documents to help organize useful information for your friends and loved ones after your death.