Executive Team

Meet our Team of Executives…

Board of Directors

Seven experienced and knowledgeable businessmen from our local communities serve on our Board of Directors, along with BTC Bank President and CEO Doug Fish.
  • Doug Fish
  • Jerry Findley
  • Everett Harding
  • Danny Marsh
  • Kirby Payne
  • Ron Wolf
  • Ed Oram
  • Allan Mulnix

Executive Officers

Main Bank, Bethany
  • Doug Fish, President and CEO
  • Jerry Hill, Executive Vice President
  • Marcia Willis, Executive Secretary
  • Penny Collins, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Wendy Preston, Vice President of Finance
  • Vickie Cline, Human Relations Officer
  • Amber Briggs, Internal Auditor
  • Ashley Shisler, Marketing and Public Relations Officer
  • Paula Addison, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • James Krueger, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Dillon Bird, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Phillip Durbin, Loan Officer
  • Mikala Smith, Retail Banking Officer
  • Ashley Bugbee, Operations Officer
  • Brian Fonseca, Chief Technology Officer
  • Cody York, IT Specialist
  • Jeff Donovan, BTC Financial Management, Manager
  • Sara Berry, Retail Branch Administration and Education
Gallatin Branch
  • Clint Vanatta, Branch Manager, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Cynthia Crone, Assistant Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer
Albany Branch
  • Jesse Bird, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Kevin Martin, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Hugh Ross, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Valarie Shisler, Loan Officer
Pattonsburg Branch
  • Sam Sperry, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Tracy Crone, Loan Officer
Chillicothe Branch
  • Paul Thomas, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Kanna Helton, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Wade Dixon, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer
Carrollton Branch
  • Wayne West, Branch Manager, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Cohlby Jones, Vice President, Loan Officer
Lamoni Branch
  • Kevin Lloyd, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Jodi Hensley, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Doug Hickman, Loan Officer
Boonville Branch
  • Frank Oswald, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Eric Funk, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Stephanie Schuster-Day, Loan Officer




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