Executive Team


Board of Directors

Seven experienced and knowledgeable businessmen from our local communities serve on our Board of Directors, along with BTC Bank President and CEO Doug Fish.

  • Doug Fish
  • Jerry Findley
  • Everett Harding
  • Danny Marsh
  • Kirby Payne
  • Ron Wolf
  • Ed Oram
  • Allan Mulnix

Executive Officers

Main Bank, Bethany
  • Doug Fish, President and CEO
  • Jerry Hill, Executive Vice President
  • Marcia Willis, Executive Secretary
  • Penny Collins, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Wendy Preston, Vice President of Finance
  • Vickie Cline, Human Relations Officer
  • Amber Briggs, Internal Auditor
  • Ashley Shisler, Marketing and Public Relations Officer
  • Paula Addison, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • James Krueger, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Dillon Bird, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Phillip Durbin, Loan Officer
  • Mikala Smith, Retail Banking Officer
  • Ashley Bugbee, Operations Officer
  • Brian Fonseca, Chief Technology Officer
  • Cody York, IT Specialist
  • Jeff Donovan, BTC Financial Management, Manager
  • Sara Berry, Retail Branch Administration and Education Officer
  • David Nowland, Agricultural Credit Analyst
Gallatin Branch
  • Clint Vanatta, Branch Manager, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Cynthia Crone, Assistant Branch Manager, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer
Albany Branch
  • Jesse Bird, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Kevin Martin, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Hugh Ross, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Valarie Shisler, Loan Officer
Pattonsburg Branch
  • Sam Sperry, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Tracy Crone, Loan Officer
Chillicothe Branch
  • Paul Thomas, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Kanna Helton, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Wade Dixon, Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer
Carrollton Branch
  • Wayne West, Branch Manager, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Cohlby Jones, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Pat Potter, Compliance Officer
  • Shelby Cauble, Loan Officer
Lamoni Branch
  • Kevin Lloyd, Branch President, Loan Officer
  • Jodi Hensley, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Doug Hickman, Loan Officer
Boonville Branch
  • Frank Oswald, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Eric Funk, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Stephanie Schuster-Day, Loan Officer
  • Jonathan Fish, Loan Officer
Beaman Branch
  • Frank Oswald, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Eric Funk, Vice President, Loan Officer
  • Stephanie Schuster-Day, Loan Officer
  • Kayla Fenical, Branch Coordinator




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