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Contact UsAt BTC Bank, our service is backed by nearly one hundred years of experience and knowledge of the farm real estate market in Northwest Missouri and Southern Iowa. Let us help you find the best way to start or further expand your farm, ranch, or other agricultural business.

What do agricultural real estate loans cover?

  • The development of new buildings on land that you currently own
  • The purchase of a farm including land and existing buildings
  • A combination of the two (that is, you wish to purchase an existing farm, and rehabilitate existing buildings while developing new ones)

Terms of payment for agricultural real estate financing

Agricultural real estate financing can have many different types of terms (much as with commercial real estate and residential mortgages). BTC Bank is committed to providing a wide variety of potential options, as every individual is different and has their own specific borrowing needs. We understand that opportunity and investment are two of the most important ways to help the communities we serve strengthen and grow.

Some of the general parameters of BTC’s farm real estate financing loans include:

  • The terms of these loans usually are between 10 and 20 years, meaning that the loan is paid off during that time. Variable-rate and short-term fixed-rate loans are available.
  • The loan term and the amortization schedule shall not exceed 30 years.
  • The loan would typically be a variable rate loan but may have a short term fixed rate on the front end.

Note: While loans with balloon payments may be appropriate for some, the risk can be quite high. Talking to your loan officer at BTC Bank about the numerous risks in this type of loan for an agricultural real estate loan can help you make an informed decision.

Choose BTC for all of your farm real estate financing needs

Our loan officers at BTC Bank can provide you with all the details you need about farm land loans, including the interest rate you qualify for, appraisal of the farm or ranch you are interested in (or interested in developing), and any other concerns you may have. As a community bank, you’ll benefit from our local decision making, flexible terms, and faster processing time.

Learn more about other agricultural financing options or speak with a BTC Bank loan officer at a location most convenient for you.

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