Agricultural Loans

Contact UsBTC Bank specializes in agriculture loans, which make up a large part of our business funding. The reason for this is straightforward: our primary wish is to serve the needs of our local community, and many of the business needs across Missouri and Southern Iowa are related to agriculture. We consider agriculture loans to be a vital part of community investment.

Some of the loans we offer are shown below. Inquire with a BTC Bank loan officer at one of our branches (Bethany, Gallatin, Albany, Pattonsburg, Chillicothe, Carrollton, Boonville and  Beaman in Missouri; Lamoni in Iowa) if a loan you are interested in isn’t described here.

Farming Real Estate >

Real estate and land used for farming can be purchased using an agricultural real estate loan. These business loans have their own unique features that differentiate them from typical commercial real estate loans. BTC Bank’s agricultural real estate loans can be used for either farming or ranching properties; they cannot be used solely for residential real estate.

As an agriculturally minded community bank with a long history of excellent service, we have expansive knowledge of the local farming business. Let BTC Bank  be your partner in all of your farm loan needs.

Machinery and Equipment Loans >

With our focus on lending for agricultural business, loans are available for the purchase or refinancing of new and used machinery and equipment. Some examples of equipment include agricultural machinery, farm machinery, and financing for vehicles primarily used for agricultural work.

Livestock Loans >

BTC Bank can provide financing for either first loan purchase money or the refinancing of existing livestock loans. As a local bank, we can turn loans around quickly and efficiently with first-rate face-to-face service, whether you are looking to start out a livestock operation or to obtain financing for ongoing operations of an existing livestock enterprise.

Farm Operating Loans and Revolving Lines of Credit >

As with other types of businesses, agricultural businesses often have needs that require temporary financing or an increase of available funds. For example, you may wish to expand your farm by adding land or other types of buildings, or maintain farming machinery and equipment. BTC Bank is here for you to support your operation as you attempt to grow and expand. A revolving line of credit is another option you may wish to consider for short term operating needs.

Learn more about BTC Bank’s agricultural loans by contacting us online or by visiting any of our 9 Full Service locations to speak with a loan officer.

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